Sedan and Vans - Private chauffeur - Alternative taxi

Chauffeur booking from Bordeaux Métropole to or from Cap Ferret
Gare Saint Jean in Bordeaux - Bordeaux Mérignac Airport


A clear and detailed pricing is given when booking your driver. Regardless of the route taken or the traffic, your fare remains unchanged.


On board * or online, set your journey by credit card.
* Online prepayment is mandatory for all departures outside the Bordelaise district.


Punctuality, Presentation, Courtesy, Service.
We bring to our services a particular attention in order to retain our customers.


Transport service by chauffeur between Bordeaux and Cap Ferret, an alternative service to traditional taxis between Bordeaux and Cap Ferret

We offer a sedan or van transfer with chauffeur  between Bordeaux Metropole and Cap Ferret.

Our rates are fixed and known from the reservation on our site. Payment is secured by SSL encryption. You will receive your receipt and invoice by email.

Indicative prices for a reservation on weekdays (except public holidays) from 9:30 am  to 4pm (The rates can vary slightly according to the average travelling time observed and regularly updated on Google.):

Bordeaux Merignac Airport to  Lège-Cap-Ferret Centre: 106 € TTC
Bordeaux Merignac Airport to tip of Cap-Ferret peninsula : 141 € TTC
Bordeaux Saint-Jean train station to Lège-Cap-Ferret centre: 116 € TTC
Bordeaux Saint-Jean train station to the tip of Cap-Ferret peninsula: 151 € TTC

At Cap Ferret, it is very important to specify your exact destination address because the peninsula stretches more than 25 km from one end to the other, our rates vary depending on.

Lège-cap-ferret limite communale

The municipality of Lège-Cap-Ferret also includes the following villages:
  • Lège
  • Claouey
  • Le Four (oyster port)
  • Les Jacquets (oyster port)
  • Petit Piquey
  • Grand Piquey
  • Piraillan (oyster port, natural reservoir)
  • Le Canon (fishing village that organizes the Sea Festival around August 15)
  • L’Herbe (oyster village)
  • La Vigne (marina)
  • Le cap Ferret

Chauffeur Bordeaux - Cap Ferret with child's seats or booster seats

We pay a lot of attention to the safety of children.

We have classic booster seats from 15 kg and Kiddy group seats 1,2,3, from 9kg to 10 years, which we reserve for the smallest and for long journeys. These seats car have the particularity of having side reinforcements that maintain the child when it falls asleep.

We also accept smaller ones but with parent’s material and those for simple hygienic reasons.

We offer free storage of the seat for the duration of your stay.

Sedan, Premium or Vans - Discover our range of service transfer between Bordeaux and Cap Ferret

We offer several ranges of vehicles :

  • VTC Business Bordeaux Cap Ferret, an economical and uncompromising solution.
  • Bordeaux VTC Premium VTC, for pleasure or to please.
  • VTC Bordeaux Cap Ferret, for groups or families with two children younger and younger.

Chauffeur transfer booking between Bordeaux and Cap-Ferret

A train or Plane to catch?

Book your transport to Bordeaux Train Station or Bordeaux Mérignac Airport from Cap Ferret with a chauffeur, quality service.

We will send you a SMS when we are on our way to your place of pick up.  Your vehicle will be waiting for you at the meeting point and at the indicated time.


Your music

Most vehicles offer Deezer or an equivalent service. Choose your own music!

Your ambient temperature

Open windows or air conditioning, the choice is yours.

Services +

Candy, water bottles, luggage loading, airport sign, ... regular customers even find their favorite newspaper.

Children car seats

Ask for a booster seat or child car  seat to secure the transport of your children. Up to 9kg.

Bordeaux Cap Ferret ... The other options apart from taxis and VTCs

Aware that the prices of taxis or VTC are not for everyone, we wanted to provide an answer to your budgets

- from 10 € a Bordeaux Cap-Ferret, is it possible ?

Clearly yes. However, you will need to arm yourself with a good dose of courage.

You will have to take liane 1 from TBM then line 601 from TransGironde . Count around 2H if the traffic is good.

Is there a train between Bordeaux Cap-Ferret ?

No, sorry. If you arrive from Bordeaux Mérignac airport the trip is such that it is better to take the bus option.

However if you arrive from the station, you can take a train to Arcachon and then take the shuttle to cross. However, be careful with the connections with the shuttle ! You’ll have to find a taxi on the other side.

Excluding taxi, the cost should be around 30 € per person.

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