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Simple Transfers
Taxi Bordeaux

Need a traditional transfer between 2 adress ?

We offer you the prior reservation of a driver to ensure your pick-up at the desired time.

Working only by reservation, our schedules are controlled and offer our customers a highly reliable service.

By the hour or day

Do you need to arrange travel for your guests and clients for a particular event?

We offer vehicles, from sedans to MPV, with driver who will remain at your disposal all the time you need.

VIP Guests

Are you welcoming an important person and want to show them your consideration?

We welcome your distinguished guests at the airport and accompany them throughout their visit.

Our vehicles of the Executive range, Mercedes Class E and Class V, are assigned to this particular service.

Weekly package
Long-term rental

Like our package between Paris and Cap Ferret & Provision of a vehicle with driver on the peninsula, we offer tailor-made services according to your needs.

Long-term services benefit from special conditions and advantageous rates.

What is a VTC, the french private driver?

A VTC is a vehicle with driver, officially called a Tourist Vehicle with Driver.

Historically this service was used by the court in the 17th century under the name of Grande Remise, then it has evolved over time.

In recent years, democratized by new digital players, the VTC offer has opened up to a wider clientele.

There are now several styles, several qualities of service and several different prices.

What is the difference between a private driver and a Taxi in Bordeaux?

Not to mention the quality of service, which some VTC drivers put forward to the detriment of the Taxi and which is not always accurate, there are real differences on the bottom:

Can he work on a fixed price? Taxi can work on a flat-rate basis but without being able to exceed the price indicated on his horokilometric meter. The private driver always works on prior estimate, its prices are fixed.
Does it have a regulated tariff? Its price is regulated by the prefecture. Its price is free.
Can he take the bus lanes? The taxi can take the bus lanes, so it is faster in heavy traffic The private driver can't take the bus lanes
Can he take young children? Yes without any common security obligation. Yes, but it is subject to the same rules as passengers and must have suitable seats for childs or babys.
Can we find it in the street? Yes, there are even several taxi ranks in Bordeaux. Impossible, the private drivers drives only on prior reservation.
What makes them different? The taxi has a light device on the roof, an hour meter, and a clearly visible business card. The private driver has a red badge and a professional card clearly visible on the windshield.

And concretely, private chauffeur or TAXI Bordeaux?

Immediate departure, Taxi Bordeaux advantage

Do you urgently need transport?
Nothing could be better than the nearest taxi rank .
The best value for money is here

If it is empty, all you have to do is call the taxi stand on the premises.
In this case, you will need to add an approach fare.

A meeting, a major trip? Bordeaux Chauffeur Service advantage

Chauffeur service working only on prior reservation, it has better control over its schedule.

Essential advantage for your important meetings which demand the greatest punctuality from you.

How to book a private driver in Bordeaux?

A reservation can be made quickly and directly online by clicking on this link : Book a chauffeur-driven car

Whatever your need, we will find a solution for you.

Whether for one or more vehicles, connected to many Chauffeur and Taxi partners, in particular thanks to the BICABI network, we always offer you a suitable response.

For any more complex request, we invite you to leave us a message using the form below:

Request a quote..

Where to find your private driver in Bordeaux Saint-Jean station?

Gare Saint-Jean: Chauffeur-driven car reservation

Private drivers do not have access to the taxi stand on the forecourt of the station.

Your driver will tell you, depending on the constraints of the moment, the best place to find him.

The preferred locations are as follows:

  • Minute drop N ° 1, "Dépose minute N°1" (only for sedans)
  • Near the SNCF show, "Salon SNCF"
  • Exit Hall 3 (Belcier)

Gare Saint-Jean: Chauffeur-driven MPV reservation

In the case of a reservation of a MPV with driver, we invite you to go to the descent of the train towards the X mark of the track to take the access ramp to this place. Then follow the indications "HALL 3 - Exit Belcier". The MPV will be waiting for you in front of the station gates. The path is sheltered all along, and benefits from an access ramp for wheelchairs and strollers.

Chauffeur Service Bordeaux - Transfer - Saint-Jean Bordeaux Station

Saint-Jean Bordeaux Station – Rue Charles Domercq, 33800 Bordeaux

Where to find your private chauffeur at Bordeaux Merignac airport?

Private Drivers park in the parking lot in front of Hall B.

If you arrive from Hall A, you will have to cross the Taxis area to access the minute car park in front of you.

If you arrive from Hall Billy, follow the path for the visually impaired to Hall B, the car park is opposite.
If you go to the Taxis, you have gone too far.

Chauffeur Service Bordeaux - Transfer - Bordeaux Mérignac Airport

Bordeaux Mérignac Airport – Avenue René Cassin – 33700 MERIGNAC – Code : BOD – Code OACI : LFBD

Can you greet me or my guests at Bordeaux Mérignac airport with a sign?

The Meet and Greet option

We offer an optional service commonly called Meet and Greet.

By choosing this option, your guests are greeted at the airport with their names on a sheet or tablet.

We assist them in transporting their luggage to the car, particularly useful when there is more luggage than passengers.

This option takes into account the parking fees at Bordeaux Mérignac airport.

How to book transport with a car seat or baby seat?

Chauffeur-driven car reservation with car seats and booster

You can book a car seat for children from 9kg or a booster for children from 15kg directly online.

Chauffeur-driven car reservation with baby seats

For baby seats, we ask you to call us directly by phone (FR) or form (EN) as this option requires a manual charge for the reservation.

Note that we offer our customers the possibility of keeping baby seats free of charge during their stay in Bordeaux.

Can your chauffeur-driven service take care of a disabled person?

We welcome people with different disabilities by following the recommendations provided by our customers.

On the other hand, our vehicles are not suitable for transporting people in wheelchairs who cannot take a seat in the vehicle. If the chair is foldable and the person can move up to a seat, then a MPV can take care of it.

At Bordeaux Mérignac airport or Gare Saint-Jean de Bordeaux, we accompany our customers to the specific support services reserved for them. Please note that these services are available upon prior reservation:

For forms of mental handicap, we stay with people until the support services have arrived, especially at the airport.

Any reservation of this type can only be made on prior estimate. The costs for the necessary support and specific to each person must be quantified, any reservation of VTC will therefore necessarily be made by phone (FR) or form (EN).

Do you offer an unaccompanied child service?

Yes, by phone (FR) or form (EN) reservation only.

We accompany your children to the appropriate services at Bordeaux Mérignac airport or Bordeaux Saint-Jean train station.

  • Initially, if you are not there, we will send you a confirmation that your child has been taken care of.
  • On arrival, we always send a picture of your child by MMS with the caregiver.

At the airport, the chauffeur remains until the confirmed departure of the plane.

At the time of booking, we will inform you of the identity of the chauffeur who will take charge of your child, plus the identity of an alternate private driver in the event of a last minute problem. This information should be communicated to the specific departments of your aviation company or SNCF













Collaborative platform for passenger transport

Recognized company

Bordeaux Chauffeur-driven car ranges

We offer you a wide choice of chauffeur-driven car :

  • Essential range, The Chauffeur-driven car

    Made up of Chauffeur-driven vehicles with an urban profile like the Toyota Corolla or the Nissan Leaf. You can be upgraded to all higher ranges depending on the schedule.
  • Business range, The Chauffeur-driven sedan

    Made up of Chauffeur-driven vehicles with a sedan profile like the Toyota Camry or the Opel Insignia. You can be upgraded to all higher ranges depending on the schedule.
  • Executive range, The Chauffeur-driven executive sedan

    Made up of Chauffeur-driven vehicles with the profile of excellent road cars such as the Mercedes Class E. You can be upgraded to all higher ranges depending on the schedule.
  • MPV range, The Chauffeur-driven MPV

    Made up of Chauffeur-driven vehicles with a MPV profile like the Mercedes Classe V. You can be upgraded to all higher ranges depending on the schedule.
  • Cargo-MPV range, The Chauffeur-driven large MPV

    Made up of Chauffeur-driven vehicles with a MPV profile like the Mercedes Vito, the VW Caravelle or any other MPV with a capacity of 8 people excluding drivers.

Vagnat-Driver - Chauffeur Service Bordeaux
Our charter

  • A clean car, the basis of the profession
  • Professional VTC drivers
  • VTC drivers in uniform
  • Always smiling VTC drivers
  • Always on time and even in advance
  • Small message before the start of the mission to confirm pick-up for early morning reservations.
  • A service adapted to children by reservation with real dedicated equipment (booster seats, car seats, child seats, baby seats)
Private Driver Bordeaux - Hire a chauffeur


SARL EFANDJI is a company registered in the "Registre des Exploitants de Voitures de Transport avec Chauffeur".

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Transfer Coverage area - Chauffeur Bordeaux

Your private chauffeur covers the entire Bordeaux region and takes care of your transfers :

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